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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 20:41:20 -0800 (PST) From: Jon T. Subject: Queer For My Son - Chapter 2This is a work of fiction - these characters exist only in my fevered imagination. This story features sex between a father and his willing son. If you're free bbs mpegs not into that or if you are not of an age to be reading X-rated stories, please go elsewhere. If you wish to provide feedback, you can contact me at I have never participated in, nor do I advocate for, incest or sex teen bbs ls with japanese sex picture bbs minors. Please practice safe sex at all times.Queer For My Son - Chapter Two The next morning, I awoke a few minutes before 8:00, as was my Saturday morning habit. On weekday mornings, I was up at 5:30, but on weekends, my body seemed to know it was allowed to sleep in. My thoughts immediately turned to the events of the previous night. After Dane and I had shot our loads, I had jumped out of bed and gone into young love bbs my three-quarters bath. 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"So that's what happens to make a woman's belly get big." It was like a light bulb went off in his head. "Yes, son, that's exactly it." "How did you get your cum into her?" "Does your penis ever get hard, Dane?" "Yeah. A lot. It's hard every morning when I wake up. And sometimes it gets hard during the day." "Well, it has to be hard in order to go into a woman's vagina. When a man does that with a woman, it's called sexual intercourse." "Is a 'gina cp bbs moves nude the same as a pussy?" "That's a crude term for it, but yes, it is." "I've seen one of those. Mike had some dirty pictures with him one day at school. I thought it was ugly - it had hair all over it. Ewww!" I had to laugh. "That area is called your pubis, and the hair is called pubic hair. Both men and women have it." I grinned broadly at him. "You're not quite old enough to appreciate a girl's puss... er, vagina." He considered this and then said, "You have pubic hair - I've seen it." "Yes, I have lots of it. Men and women dorki bbs also have hair in their armpits, though women in our country usually shave that off." I was wearing a body shirt, so I lifted my arm so he could see. Then I indicated my hairy legs. "We also have hair on our legs. Women usually shave that as well." "You've got hair on your chest." "Yes, the majority of men have nude 14 yo bbs at least a little bit of hair on their chests." Dane sat silent for a minute. Then he said, "Daddy - could you make sure everything is OK down there?" "Sure, son." I hadn't seen him naked in board bbs zep several months. He bathed himself and was actually quite modest. But he was looking for peace of mind. I was happy to accommodate russian girl bbs bbs dog rape biz him. He was wearing his pajamas. "Just go ahead and slip off your teens bbs guide pants." He looked at me and then looked down. "OK, Daddy." He stood up and pulled his pants down. His shirttail hung down, covering up his privates. "You'll have to take your top off, too." 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I stood up and pulled off my shirt and shorts. My dick was already chubbing up inside my Fruit-of-the-Looms. "Are you ready?" "Yeah!" I tugged my briefs little cunt bbs down and pulled them off over my feet. Dane looked wide-eyed at my adult-sized cock. "Daddy - it's so big!" Almost without thinking, he reached out and explored it with his fingertips. "Your balls are huge, too! You must have a lot of cum in them!" "Yeah, it's been a while since I jacked off. OK, buddy, we're going to do this together. Let's go to my room." We candid girl bbs had been talking in greats bbs teen the den, seated on the sofa. I took his hand and we little boys bbs forum walked naked bbs tgp to my bedroom. "Let's get comfortable on my bed." We both climbed on. I propped up a pillow behind me and leaned on it against the wall. After bbs child porn pic Diane's death, I had gotten rid of the bed set we had slept in together. It held too many memories. I had not yet replaced it with the bed set that include the padded headboard I had later. Dane imitated bbs none nude me. Then he asked, "What do we do first, Daddy? This is gonna be latin girl bbs fun!" "Now how would you know that, young man? You're right, though - it's fun, all right. It'll probably become your new hobby! First, we have to get hard." "How do we do that?" "Just grab onto it, like this." I took hold of my russian mafia porn bbs cock, which was well on its way to a full erection, and grasped it. "Go ahead - grab onto yours." Dane looked like his dick was going to bite him. He bbs lol pics cautiously encircled it with his hand and hefted it. "Like free bbs pics that, Daddy?" "That will do nicely. Now just stroke it. Like this." I moved my hand up and down, my foreskin covering and uncovering my cockhead. In just seconds, my cock was ready to rock and roll. "Daddy! It's huge! Can I touch it?" Before I could react, he reached trade bbs out and grabbed my cockhead roughly. I groaned loudly. "Son! Careful! You have to be gentle with it!" "Oh, sorry, Daddy." He relaxed his grip. "Is that better?" "Yes, it is, but I think the idea is for you to learn to do this for yourself." I removed his hand from my cock and replaced it on fashion bbs models his own. "But I want to feel your ls models free bbs balls!" youngest models nude bbs pedo bbs fuck "OK, I guess." I gasped as his small hand cupped my full-to-overflowing nuts. "They're so warm!" From there, my son's free nude bbs models hands were all over the place. Then he stroked up and down bbs webcam my cock and felt up my pubic bush. From there, he rubbed my stomach nude art bbs russia and made his way up to my pecs. Then he stroked my chin, feeling nude bbs forum my beard stubble. bbs porno photo His hand fell to my nipple which he started rubbing and pinching lightly. I was bbs link girl surprised at the sensation. "I love the hair on your chest! You think I'll have hair like that?" "I can almost guarantee it, son." Unbeknownst to him, his cock had stiffened to a very impressive five and a half inches. I couldn't resist reaching over and giving it a squeeze. "You're bigger than I passwords for bbs xxx was when I was at your age!" "Really? Is that early gilrs bbs good?" "Most men would say so. OK, boy, let's get to jacking." With that, he stopped playing 4chan 7chan livedoor bbs with my nipple and returned his hand to his dick. He proved to be a natural. In moments, he was stroking his cock like he had been doing it for years. "That's right - you're doing great! Come here." I held out my left arm, and he moved up against me, his head on my shoulder. He switched to his right hand on his cock and started to rub my chest again with his left hand. Then he put his hand over mine as I stroked my cock. He seemed fascinated with my foreskin. While he explored my balls once again, my left hand was stroking his young chest. His small nipples became hard and pointed. He was stroking away, tensing and relaxing his legs. Suddenly he gasped. "Daddy! What's happening? I feel like I have to pee!" "Just go with it, son! You're about to cum!" Before I even free pass bbs fozya had the words out, gril photo bbs thin, milky fluid was shooting from his cockhead. It was a small amount, but enough to puddle in his navel. "That's it, boy! Shoot that load!" He was gasping and moaning, jerking wildly. "Daddy! Oh, wow!" He sagged against me, cp pedo list bbs overwhelmed by nudist model bbs top50 his first waking orgasm. I was totally lilita bbs pics jazzed by watching my young son cum. I was pounding my young porn of bbs cock for all it was worth. Almost instinctively, he was rolling my balls with his left hand. "You gonna shoot your load, Daddy? Do it, Daddy!" Nothing sven bbs board could have stopped me. I bbs fozya teen shot the biggest load of my life up to that point. The bbs list young first spurt flew top 100 bbssex over my head and splashed against the wall. Then cum flew all over my stomach and chest. Dane shouted and cheered. "Way latin child bbs to go, Daddy! Wow, you could make a lot of babies youngest nude teen bbs with that!" He threw himself on top of me, kissing my cheek. free pics pedo bbs "I love you, Daddy! You're the best!" I held him to me, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the slickness between us and his softening cock against my stomach. And that was the first time we did it together. Notably, at least to me, there had been very little touching between us since then. But like clockwork, we jacked off together at least once a month. It would seem like it was time, and we'd just do it, usually on my bed late on a Friday night, provided he didn't have a hot date. I forum bbs thoroughly enjoyed these times. In fact, truth be known, it was about the only sex life elweb picture bbs with another person I had. ru models 14yo bbs I fantasized about women, looked at them on bbs rompl sites the Internet, and was like every other guy when I saw a hot babe on the street. But I couldn't bring myself to get out there in the dating world. Losing Diane still hurt too much. I loved watching the changes in Dane's body as he got older. I was blown away when hair started to spread across his chest and stomach when he was 15. He seemed awfully young to be getting so hairy, but free young russians bbs his doctor said it was normal for some boys. His cock grew steadily, adding inches and thickness. He seemed to enjoy looking at mine, though he never touched it. When I was ready to blow, he'd get his face where he could watch close up and grin broadly bbs candid as my cum spewed forth. I jacked off at other times, but my orgasms were never so intense as they were with him. He was very comfortable about jacking off with me in close proximity. I had watched him shoot many loads. He learned about the practice known as edging from one of child bbs porn his friends. He could do that all afternoon until he finally bathed himself with cum.We were both relaxed about nudity around the house. I guess that's what led to the fucking in the open. He started to ranchi bbs zep do that thai models bbs when he had just turned 16 and his driver's license with an old Ford Taurus to drive. He seemed able to gain the trust of young gallery lolyta nude bbs girls and to convince them it was zoo sex little bbs cool to come to his house for sex. First there was Mary Beth, then Kimberly, then Angie, and now Amanda as well as a few others along the way. My door was always closed when he brought them in, or I was somewhere else boy bbs yo in the house. Sometimes I was gone shopping or at a meeting of some kind and would come home to find him hard bbs art akt at it, so to speak. Most of the time, I made it a point not to linger in the hallway, not wishing to frighten girl picture bbs off his young prizes. Only occasionally would I want to see cp bbs info him in action. It made me proud to have such a stud for a son. Now I was lying in my bed reflecting on how twisted all of this was. I bbs cp ls magazine tried to think what had led to it. How could I have let it get to this point? What kind of lifestyle was it ultimately going to lead to for him? What models bbs teen kind of morality, or lack thereof, had I let my son sink into? And what was going to happen with our jack-off sessions? Was I eventually going elwebbs free bbs to lose control and do something that I would regret horribly? I was certifiably heterosexual. I had only a vague, magic angels nude bbs unsettling idea of what two men could do together. And last virgins bbs yet my unresolved attraction to my boy brass hose bibbs seemed more compelling all the time. And I was definitely getting mixed signals from him. Then it child kiddy bbs occurred to me that in just a few months, he would be gone out of the house. He had already made a reservation to live in a dormitory at Arizona State that was given over to athletes. He was also thinking about 12yo model bbs pledging a fraternity. That would give him another housing option. This was the first time I had really thought about this, and it made me sad. I knew I would miss him terribly. But I firmly believed he needed to cp lol caldwell bbs get on with his life. The first step towards that would be for him to live away from home. I nude indian boys bbs had no doubt he would thrive in the college environment, but I had to admit I felt nothing but despair when I thought about life without him here tender pussy bbs with me every day. I found comfort in the knowledge it was a quick trip down the freeway from bbs fozya Tempe to Chandler. I was deep in my thoughts when I heard a light ls land portal bbs rap on my door and looked over to see it open. Dane peered around the doorsill, looking concerned. "Dad, are you ever going to get up? Don't you have a stack of papers to grade? Are we still going to the Y this afternoon? The men's wrestling club is meeting there today, right?" He 14 yo bbs was standing there in all his naked glory. Just the sheer strength and beauty of him caused me to catch my breath. I nympho bbs video quickly recovered and said, "Yes to all of the above. Let me pee and throw on some clothes. I'll be right with you."He smiled and said, "Don't worry about the clothes, dude. You know I like you naked! Hurry up. boys bbs kds Coffee is ready, and I'm making French toast for breakfast." He turned away, his furry butt disappearing into the hallway.
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